We have supplied the Tri-State Area with our premium cakes, pies and tortes for over 25 years. Our main customer base includes restaurants, banquet halls, country clubs and other upscale dining facilities. At Hudson Valley we value natural ingredients, traditional baking styles, consistency and, above all, finding the proper balance of flavor and texture for our desserts. Our operation is 100% manual. This means that people bake our cakes, not machines. Our ovens are over 80 years old and are direct fired, not convection, which allows us to produce that old fashioned golden flaky crust on our pies and tortes. We are morally opposed to overloading our products with sugar or sweetening agents, buying pre-made or artificial ingredients and sacrificing our quality for cost. We simply take too much pride in our products. We consider ourselves to be one of the last survivors in a dying breed of bakeries that truly consider baking to be an art.
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